Embracing grassroots economy, promoting inclusive growth.


The 2024 Asia Grassroots Forum, hosted by Amartha on its 14th anniversary.

Join us for an impactful gathering, where entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers, and innovators converge to confront the emerging market’s most pressing challenges head-on: From the hurdles faced by women-led MSMEs in accessing formal funding to the complexities of financial digitalization, we delve deep into pressing issues.

At the core of this transformative Forum lies a vibrant exchange of ideas and expertise, where cross-sector leaders collectively address critical topics. From shaping more resilient economies to pioneering gender-lens financing, fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, and the future of finance. 

Through the synergy of collaboration, dialogue, and the spotlight on emerging changemakers, we ignite genuine solutions that drive inclusive growth and empower grassroots communities across Southeast Asia. Our agenda is thoroughly curated with sessions to inspire innovation, foster collaboration, and drive tangible change.

Together, let’s pave the way for inclusive growth and empowerment across Southeast Asia.

Our Agendas

Drive innovative strategies for inclusive growth, empowering underserved communities to accelerate economic prosperity.

Accelerate digital transformation for MSMEs, leveraging digital technologies to boost efficiency and unlock growth potential.

Collaborate to scale impact, amplifying grassroots initiatives for sustainable development.

Reason to Participate

Engage in dynamic exchange of ideas and expertise to catalyze solutions and tackle challenges
Connect with like-minded cross-sectors leaders and explore potential partnerships that can drive collective impact
Gain insights into impactful initiatives and their tangible effects on the ground
Immerse yourself in field experiences that offer firsthand insights into local communities and initiatives
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About Amartha

Amartha is one of the leading microfinance platforms on a mission to drive shared prosperity by building digital financial infrastructure for the grassroots economy. Founded in 2010, Amartha started as a Grameen microfinance institution that empowers women-led SMEs with access to working capital

Now, Amartha is evolving as a technology company that is building a microfinance ecosystem to connect grassroots communities with the rapidly growing digital economy through lending, funding, and payment services. Amartha advances the base of the pyramid economy by enhancing the competitiveness of micro and small entrepreneurs. In doing so, we empower more female MSMEs, create jobs, and foster more inclusive economic growth.

Round Table 1

How Can Southeast Asia Harness Digital Technology and Seize Its MSME Opportunities?

The discussion mapped out next-generation innovation in ASEAN, focusing on new technologies and business models. It highlighted robust institutional frameworks, domestic industry support, and international collaboration. Strategies for fostering local innovation culture and ensuring ethical technology use were explored to propel ASEAN towards socioeconomic progress and global innovation leadership.

Round Table 2

ASEAN is on the Cusp of Fulfilling Its Long-Held Promise?

 ASEAN’s economic growth, especially with initiatives like RCEP, boosts its global influence. But, sustaining growth amid uncertainties is challenging. As ASEAN evolves, balancing mediation and managing regional tensions offers both leadership opportunities and diplomatic challenges.

Round Table 3

How Digitization is Making ASEAN an Engine of Growth?

The discussion explored leveraging digital technologies for inclusive economic development in ASEAN, addressing challenges like the digital divide and cybersecurity threats. Collaborative initiatives and policy frameworks are crucial for fostering innovation and entrepreneurship while ensuring equitable access and protection, particularly in underserved communities and rural areas.

DAY 1, 21 May 2024


The discussion highlighted the evolving landscape of grassroots entrepreneurship in ASEAN, explored ways to support inclusive innovation among SMEs and grassroots entrepreneurs, addressed challenges like the digital divide, and drew lessons from initiatives like Amartha to drive regional inclusive growth.

Bringing together prominent global investors, experts, and industry leaders, the discussion delved into strategies for bolstering small businesses. It explored avenues for growth and resilience, focusing on facilitating access to capital, leveraging technology, and fostering a supportive regulatory environment to achieve sustainable economic development and inclusive growth across the region.

The session explored the importance of impact investing in Asia, addressing social and environmental challenges while ensuring financial returns. It showcased case studies to inspire collaboration and accelerate sustainable development.
How can investors measure impact and ensure financial sustainability? What policy interventions are needed to incentivize impactful ventures and achieve the SDGs in Asia?

The session highlighted the importance of financial inclusion in empowering women, discussed overcoming barriers to financial services, and proposed initiatives to foster women’s entrepreneurship. It also addressed necessary policy interventions to promote women’s participation in decision-making, entrepreneurship, and leadership, driving long-term economic progress.

The session highlighted the impact of grassroots entrepreneurship, using insights from Amartha. It explored how entrepreneurship drives inclusive development, fosters innovation, preserves cultural heritage, alleviates poverty, and discussed strategies for scaling and sustaining grassroots businesses.

The discussion emphasized sustainable economic growth strategies, ensuring investments benefit poverty alleviation and job creation in underserved communities. Panelists explored innovative financing like impact investing and social entrepreneurship for the Base of the Pyramid sector, tackling its unique challenges.

Panel Hall, 2nd Floor
17.25 – 18.00 WIB

A showcase for selected group of pioneering business founders to present their work. They’ll bring insights of their missions and creative solutions that making impacts.


  • Peter Tandio, Operations Managers of Greenhop
  • Gaurav Batra, Co-Founder of Semaai
  • Azalea Ayuningtyas, Co-Founder of Du Anyam and Krealogi
  • Prastyo Ruandhito, CEO & Co-Founder of BroilerX
  • Mir Haque, Founder of Fairbanc

Getting to the Venue

Park Hyatt Jakarta

Copy of Park Hyatt

Kebon Sirih Street, Number 17-19
Central Jakarta, 10270

The Amartha Asia Grassroots Forum 2024 will be held at the Park Hyatt Jakarta, the only luxurious modern 6-star hotel in Jakarta, located in the heart of the city. Just minutes away from Indonesia’s National Monument (Monas) and Jakarta City Hall, where everyone can enjoy stunning city views, ensuring our forum is a truly memorable experience.

Copy of Park Hyatt
Copy of Royal Glasshouse

Royal Glass House

Copy of Royal Glasshouse

Nestled within the soaring heights of Park Hyatt Jakarta, the Royal Glass House exudes elegance and grandeur, offering an unparalleled setting for a remarkable forum.

For an experience beyond compare, ascend to The Observatory on the 36th floor, the crowning glory of the Royal Glass House. Here, surrounded by sweeping panoramic vistas that encompass the iconic Monumen Nasional (Monas) or National Monument and the sprawling Jakarta skyline, you’re invited to immerse yourself in moments of sheer inspiration.

Info Center

The 2024 Forum organized to harness the transformative power of grassroots empowerment initiatives. Recognizing the pivotal role of inclusive efforts in addressing microfinance access for women-led MSMEs. The event serves as a global platform for collaboration and shared learnings. The discussion agendas include inclusive growth, digitizing MSMEs, and scaling impact. It brings together entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers and innovators to collectively pave the way for a more empowered and resilient global community. By amplifying diverse voices, fostering cross-cultural exchanges, and inspiring innovative solutions, the forum aims to unleash opportunities in the Southeast Asian grassroots economy through entrepreneurship, technology, and innovation.

The 2024 Asia Grassroots Forum, Hosted by Amartha will be convened in person (offline), May 21-22, 2024 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Attendance is exclusive to invitation only for investors, entrepreneurs, policy makers, strategic partners’ guests, and media. Additionally, we will also be live streaming the event on Amartha’s YouTube channel on the day of the forum for those who cannot attend in person.

Yes. Attendees will be invited to download The 2024 Asia Grassroots Forum, Hosted by Amartha networking application to enhance their attendance and engage with their peers, check the agenda, floor plan, and learn more about The 2024 Asia Grassroots Forum, Hosted by Amartha. Only invitees who have been RSVP who will receive the download link and login passcode via email.

Yes, the sessions will be live-streamed for those who are unable to attend in person.  You will be able to join the live-stream link prior to the conference. Live-streaming will be held on Amartha’s Official Youtube account, and you may access here.

You can download your peers’s contacts via  networking application to stay connected with your network or you can contact theforum@amartha.com

To make a name change, navigate to contact theforum@amartha.com. You have to share details of the new delegate, including their full name, company name and address, job title, phone number, and email and we will be able to assist you with the replacement. Name changes will no longer be possible from May 17, 2024. You can either get in touch with us or we can assist you directly at the register desk if the pass has not already been generated.

Should you need further assistance to handle your VISA request, kindly contact theforum@amartha.com. We will be able to assist you with the VISA application.

Yes, we do. If you already registered, you can download the city guide book that has been sent to your email. It encompasses essential information on transportation options, recommended hotels, curated selection of restaurants offering diverse cuisines, local gift shops, and city attractions. Allowing visitors to plan their itineraries efficiently. From historical landmarks to vibrant cultural hotspots, our guidebook offers valuable insights to enhance the visitor experience in Jakarta.


We ensure inclusivity and accessibility at our conference as this lies in our values. One of the accommodations we offer is the provision of a Bahasa Isyarat Indonesia (Bisindo) sign language interpreter, facilitating comprehensive participation for special needs individuals.

Yes, we do provide translation services at the event. Specifically, we offer a translator device that converts Bahasa Indonesia to English. Participants can obtain this device when they verify their attendance at the registration area. This service ensures that all our guests, regardless of language preference, can fully understand and engage in the event discussions.

The following day after the conference, there will be an organized field trip to observe and engage with MSMEs activities in the rural areas through an organized trip, with pre-booked reservations only. The 2,5-hours long trip from the Conference Venue to the selected villages for a maximum of 20 participants, facilitated by three minivans. The activities include observation, interactive workshops and engagement with Amartha’s customers, field officers and agents. The field trip starts/finishes at the Conference Venue.

Please be advised that the field trip is limited to only 20 participants. You can apply for registration for the field visit while you are RSVP for the conference here. If you are eligible to visit the village, you will receive a confirmation email from theforum@amartha.com and will receive a dedicated email from our team.

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We are delighted to walk this event journey with you! If there’s anything you’d like to know concerning the event, please do not hesitate to reach out. We’re more than happy to address your queries or hear your valuable insights Jasa Pembuatan Aplikasi

Park Hyatt Jakarta & Royal Glass House

Kebon Sirih Street, Number 17-19

Central Jakarta, 10270


Tuesday to Wednesday
May 21 to 22, 2024