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DAY 1, 21 May 2024

09.00 am – 06.00 pm

DAY 1, 21 May 2024

01.30 pm – 04.45 pm

DAY 2, 22 May 2024

07.00 am – 07.00 pm

DAY 1, 21 May 2024


The discussion highlighted the evolving landscape of grassroots entrepreneurship in ASEAN, explored ways to support inclusive innovation among SMEs and grassroots entrepreneurs, addressed challenges like the digital divide, and drew lessons from initiatives like Amartha to drive regional inclusive growth.

Bringing together prominent global investors, experts, and industry leaders, the discussion delved into strategies for bolstering small businesses. It explored avenues for growth and resilience, focusing on facilitating access to capital, leveraging technology, and fostering a supportive regulatory environment to achieve sustainable economic development and inclusive growth across the region.

The session explored the importance of impact investing in Asia, addressing social and environmental challenges while ensuring financial returns. It showcased case studies to inspire collaboration and accelerate sustainable development.
How can investors measure impact and ensure financial sustainability? What policy interventions are needed to incentivize impactful ventures and achieve the SDGs in Asia?

The session highlighted the importance of financial inclusion in empowering women, discussed overcoming barriers to financial services, and proposed initiatives to foster women’s entrepreneurship. It also addressed necessary policy interventions to promote women’s participation in decision-making, entrepreneurship, and leadership, driving long-term economic progress.

The session highlighted the impact of grassroots entrepreneurship, using insights from Amartha. It explored how entrepreneurship drives inclusive development, fosters innovation, preserves cultural heritage, alleviates poverty, and discussed strategies for scaling and sustaining grassroots businesses.

The discussion emphasized sustainable economic growth strategies, ensuring investments benefit poverty alleviation and job creation in underserved communities. Panelists explored innovative financing like impact investing and social entrepreneurship for the Base of the Pyramid sector, tackling its unique challenges.

Panel Hall, 2nd Floor
17.25 – 18.00 WIB

A showcase for selected group of pioneering business founders to present their work. They’ll bring insights of their missions and creative solutions that making impacts.


  • Peter Tandio, Operations Managers of Greenhop
  • Gaurav Batra, Co-Founder of Semaai
  • Azalea Ayuningtyas, Co-Founder of Du Anyam and Krealogi
  • Prastyo Ruandhito, CEO & Co-Founder of BroilerX
  • Mir Haque, Founder of Fairbanc

The discussion mapped out next-generation innovation in ASEAN, focusing on new technologies and business models. It highlighted robust institutional frameworks, domestic industry support, and international collaboration. Strategies for fostering local innovation culture and ensuring ethical technology use were explored to propel ASEAN towards socioeconomic progress and global innovation leadership.

ASEAN’s economic growth, especially with initiatives like RCEP, boosts its global influence. But, sustaining growth amid uncertainties is challenging. As ASEAN evolves, balancing mediation and managing regional tensions offers both leadership opportunities and diplomatic challenges.

The discussion explored leveraging digital technologies for inclusive economic development in ASEAN, addressing challenges like the digital divide and cybersecurity threats. Collaborative initiatives and policy frameworks are crucial for fostering innovation and entrepreneurship while ensuring equitable access and protection, particularly in underserved communities and rural areas.

AAGF - The Agenda - Main Plenary
AAGF - The Agenda - Round Table
AAGF - The Agenda - Workshop
DAY 1, 21 May 2024
01.30 pm - 04:45 pm


Immerse yourself in the rich of batik and jamu workshops, where ancient techniques meet modern creativity. Discover the intricate artistry behind these cultural treasures and create tour own masterpiece

Workshop Hall, 1st Floor

13.30 – 15.30 WIB

Dive into the vibrant world of batik at our lively workshop! Unleash your creativity while learning the secrets of this ancient art form, surrounded by colors and laughter.

Workshop Hall, 1st Floor

16.00 – 17.00 WIB

Unlock the secrets of Indonesian wellness with our Jamu Making Class! Join us for an immersive experience where you’ll learn the traditional art of crafting Jamu, a centuries-old herbal remedy. Discover the unique blend of spices, herbs, and techniques that make Jamu both delicious and beneficial for your health. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned herbalist, come explore the vibrant world of Jamu with us!

DAY 2, 22 May 2024


Witness innovation firsthand, discover local entrepreneurship, and delve into the digital revolution shaping community development in this vibrant locale.

Learn how digital ecosystem built by Amartha can revolutionize traditional mom-n-pop shops in the rural area into digital agent, creating opportunities for the grassroots to serve more.

Curious about the craft behind traditional doormats? This trip will bring you into the artistry and techniques that bring these functional yet beautiful pieces to your home.

AAGF - The Agenda - Field Trip

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